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Patrick Michael Megaro is a lawyer at Halscott Megaro PA. He launched his legal profession in 2001 at The Legal Aid Society Criminal Defense Division in Manhattan, New York City as a public defender. At Legal Aid, Mr. Megaro worked with tons of clients accuseded of misdemeanors and significant felony offenses, gaining valuable trial experience battling in court on a daily basis for the civil liberties of people in the area of criminal law.

Appelatte Lawyer and Criminal Defense Legal practitioner Mr. Megaro entered private practice as a criminal defense lawyer in 2004 as an attorney at a high-profile criminal defense law firm, Scott Brettschneider, P.C., prior to growing his own law firm in 2007. In private practice, Patrick Megaro worked with individuals in NY City, New Jersey, Florida, and a variety of Federal courts around the nation, focusing on criminal trial defense, sentencing advocacy and mitigation, criminal appeals and post-conviction relief. In private practice he took care of many high-profile criminal proceedings in NY City, earning a recognition as a fierce litigator in the area of criminal defense. Patrick Michael Megaro also successfully represented clients in civil judicial proceeding and appeals, along with Federal civil rights actions brought under 42 U.S.C. § 1983 for the false arrests and vicious prosecution, securing hundreds of thousands of dollars in negotiations against police departments for clients. In 2014, Patrick Michael Megaro joined forces with Central Florida criminal defense attorney Jaime T. Halscott, Esq., providing more than a decade of experience to Halscott Megaro PA in the area of criminal defense.

A local of New York, Mr. Megaro played Division I college football and rugby at Hofstra University before earning a degree from Hofstra Law School. While at Hofstra Law, Mr. Megaro uncovered his calling in life as a litigator and trial attorney. In law school, he interned at The Legal Aid Society in Queens, New York City, and excelling at the Hofstra Law Clinic, where he gained the Leon Stern Award for criminal defense advocacy from the Nassau County Criminal Courts Bar Association.

Patrick Michael Megaro is considered as the “lawyer’s lawyer,” as other lawyers as frequently contact him for advice and guidance on legal matters, case management, and has mentored junior lawyers since 2004, guiding some of the best criminal defense and appellate lawyers in the nation.

Patrick Michael Megaro is married with 3 children, is a military vet, and lives in Orlando, FL with his family. An avid outdoorsman, Mr. Megaro takes joy in hunting, competitive shooting, Crossfit, mentoring his sons’ baseball teams, and training his two Labrador Retrievers.

A person who has been pronounced guilty of a criminal offense may “appeal” their case, seeking a higher court to examine defined aspects of the case for legal inaccuracy, in regards to either the conviction itself as well as the sentence prescribed. At both the state and federal court levels, there are certainly many different approaches for attaining relief soon after a criminal conviction or sentence. It is very important to consider that, despite the fact that it can require a considerable number of months for an appeal to be actually examined and decided, a large number of states call for an appellant to notify the courts and the government of the intention to appeal rapidly following a conviction or sentence.

In an appeal, the defendant (now referred to as the “appellant”) claims that, as a result of crucial legal mistakes which in turn swayed the jury’s verdict and/or the sentence enforced, the case must be dismissed or the appellant really should be re-tried or re-sentenced. The defendant in a criminal trial may appeal immediately after she or he is pronounced guilty at trial. As a matter of fact, it is prevalent for convicted defendants to appeal their unfavorable verdicts and/or sentencing. In most cases only the defendant in a criminal trial is able to appeal. The state attorney may not appeal if the defendant is absolved at trial. The prosecuting attorney may not put the same defendant on trial for the very same criminal charge with the exact same evidence. This type of retrial is referred to as “double jeopardy.” Double jeopardy is concretely disallowed under the Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution.

Appelatte Attorney and Defense Attorney Mr. Megaro started private practice as a criminal defense attorney in 2004 as an associate at a prominent criminal defense law firm, Scott Brettschneider, P.C., before forming his own Criminal Defense Law Firm in 2007. In private practice, Patrick worked with clients around NYC, NJ state, the state of Florida, and also various Federal courts around the nation, focusing on criminal trial defense, sentencing advocacy and mitigation, criminal appeals together with post-conviction relief. During this time Patrick Megaro handled quite a few top-level criminal cases throughout NYC, attaining a good reputation as a tough litigator when it comes to the field of criminal law. Mr. Megaro also successfully represented clients in civil litigation and also appeals. Patrick Megaro also litigated Federal civil rights cases brought under 42 U.S.C. 1983 for the false arrests as well as malicious prosecution, winning hundreds of thousands of dollars in settlements against police divisions for clients. In 2014, Patrick linked forces with Orlando Florida based criminal defense attorney Jaime T. Halscott, Esq., with their partnership bringing more than a decade of involvement to Halscott Megaro PA in the sphere of criminal law.

” Assuming that you received a dissatisfactory judgment or conviction in your case, and you feel the trial was fouled up by your criminal justice lawyer or included errors or juror malfeasance, our attorneys can help!” – Jaime Halscott Appellate Attorney at law

Our background in the Orlando criminal defense realm has validated time and again the fact that you can not really benefit your case by speaking to the police and/or opening your doors to invite them within. Faced with these kind of threats, your best choice might be to call our FL criminal defense legal professionals promptly.

Typically, those accused of a crime would like to avoid as well as be through with any type of criminal allegations quickly – and a criminal defense legal firm is simply the most effective option that one may resort to for this purpose. Many people find the legal process tricky to comprehend and continuing with legal actions appears like a disconcerting endeavor. This is precisely where the criminal lawyers come in.

It transforms into their function in order to clarify the legal procedures as well as consequences of every litigation action that is to be taken, along with shielding their clients. This particular kind of attorneys are the best means of strengthening oneself to proceed through legal action. A defense attorney at the same time functions as the criminal trial, legal representative since they are conscious of specifically how the trial procedures to be facilitated.

Given that Halscott Megaro’s criminal defense attorneys routinely represent clients before Orlando area judges, our attorneys understand the court’s preferences and predispositions in relation to certain issues. Sometimes, a Halscott Megaro PA Lawyer might be able to intercede on behalf of their client by confering with the prosecutor promptly in the case. A local, Central Florida lawyer or attorney’s inside knowledge enables them to review plea deals, defense strategies and diversion prospects with a practical knowledge of what is to be expected from local judges and prosecutors.

Let us put our understanding and resources to work for you! Give us a call today to get started!

Anyone with prior criminal records are certainly facing an uphill battle in the event that they are charged with a federal sex offense. Other dangerous federal sex crimes include those by which a person is sexually assaulted or abused by someone whom they are under the disciplinary or supervisory authority of. In the event that you have been charged with a federal sexual wrongdoing, it is undeniably necessary that you have the finest and aggressive defense attorney involved in your case immediately. Our law firm has garnered a credibility for quality throughout the legal community and is equipped to evaluate your case quickly.


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